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Started Frum The Bottum Now We Here!

Do like "Our Dev" ?

The $DWAKE dev is a 5x platinum, grammy-nominated music producer — check out this interview of him right here to get familiar with who’s behind $DWAKE ⬇️


Stealth Launch

We made a splash with its Stealth Launch, introducing a stable investment opportunity to the market without any prior announcement or hype. Don’t miss the opportunity of a lifetime!

Based Devs

Our project is the result of the innovation and expertise of the Based Devs. Their dedication to creating a stable investment opportunity sets them apart and ensures the project’s success in the ever-changing crypto market.

Community Driven

DWAKE on Solana thrives within an engaged community, driving innovation and governance. Token holders actively contribute, expanding DWAKE’s utility through partnerships and initiatives.


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Dwake on Sol


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